Kay MarreroKrafty Kay's Costume Designs is owned and operated by Kay Marrero. Kay has worked in the dance industry most of her life, first as a student and later as an owner of her own dance studio. There she taught both competitive and non-competitive dancers. One year when she was unable to find a costume she needed for a competitive routine she decided to create it herself. Kay has always had a love of fashion and of dance so creating costumes for her dancers was a natural progression for her. From then on she began to create more and more costumes for her competitive dancers, both soloists and groups. While her routines won many "Platinum Awards", "First Place Overalls", "Top Choreography", "Most Entertaining" etc it was the "Best Costume" awards that started to hold a special place in her heart. She knows how a costume needs to look on a dancer, move on a dancer, and gel with the theme/song of the routine.